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Premium Cab Services

Empowering Women on Road.

Safe and Secure Travel

Be carefree and assured

Zero/No Cancellation

No booking hassle

Round Trip Options 

Own your trip like a boss

Essential Goods

Available on the go

Emergency SOS 

Proactive timely support

Medical and First Aid 

Driver assisted service

Launching Soon

B&B Genie

Quicker for shorter rides

Launching Soon

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Our Vision and Mission Statement

With B&B, our Vision is to "Provide a platform for the women to travel comfortably, safely and hassle-free on the road, at any given point of time."

and, we are on a Mission to "Create ample opportunities for women, and the belief that, women behind the wheel can drive!"

What Makes B&B Different?

B&B is an “Experience.” 

Transforming the way women ride in cabs.


Our cabs are equipped with dashcams, emergency SOS facilities, and they are driven by Bold and Beautiful women.


We ensure passengers at the back feel secured and comfortable during their rides.


Going a step ahead, we are soon introducing “Medical and First Aid” assistance by our drivers and an “Essentials on the Go” service.

Our Services

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We Believe Every Woman is, Bold & Beautiful

We firmly believe that women can change lives, and they have been changing lives of many and making a positive impact in the society.


With B&B services, we aim to foster a culture of women empowerment, and create more employment opportunities.

Change for a Cause

Women Empowerment

Employment Opportunities

Training and Upskilling

Creating Experiences

Founder's Thought

"Being a woman, I always had an uncomfortable feeling travelling especially at odd hours, the concern of the loved ones was legit, sharing my location, constantly being on a call and letting them know about my whereabouts, making sure the car details and driver details were shared, and all this became everytime affair, leave aside the hassle we all face during booking one. During a late night drive came the idea of giving women the independence and liberty to travel wherever they wish to, however they want to, and check mark all concerns while travelling in a 4 wheeler."

Garima Gupta, Founder and CEO

Partner With Us

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Contact us to book your ride.

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Contact us to partner.

Women for Women Campaign

Join us to support the initiative, creating more employment opportunities,

and enabling more women to drive.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Anushree, Content Writer

New Delhi

When I heard about B&B, I was completely thrilled! It's a cab service for the women and by the women. The epitome of female empowerment on wheels. Thank you for reminding us that it's not just about getting from point A to point B, it's about feeling pampered and parking my worries forever :)

Surpiya, HR Generalist


Special thanks to Usha (the driver I met on a ride), she reminded me of my mother, who managed to deal with an abusive marriage and had reshaped herself and overcame odds of the society. B&B more power to you!

We’ll Help.

We are here to cater all your needs, if you have any questions, here’s some help ready for you.

  • How does B&B ensure cab safety?
    All cabs are equipped with dash cams and GPS devices. All women drivers are also provided with pepper spray, and window hammer and trained well for their and passenger(s) safety.
  • What is SOS?
    SOS is a feature on the mobile app that enables any passenger/driver to raise an alarm for immediate attention. The button triggers - All cabs within 5 kms. radius to arrive at the location All SOS numbers added by the user Support team on the ground to arrive at the location Easy option to call the nearest police through a centralised number
  • What is Essentials on the Go?
    If you require any essential items during your travel, from the following category, they shall be available at the actual cost. i. Sanitary Pads ii. Tampons iii. Kajal iv. LipGuard v. Tissues vi. Water Bottle
  • What is a Medical Emergency situation and when do I use it on the app?
    If you are not feeling well and wish to be picked up and driven to a hospital, home or any other location, you can directly use the medical assistance button and the nearest cab driver will reach you.
  • Do I get charged for any waiting done on the trip?
    In case of a single way pick/drop, the cab shall wait for a maximum of 10 minutes for the passenger(s) to arrive. In the case of the round trip option, the waiting time starts from the first minute of the drop and stops at the first minute of the return trip. Waiting Charges during Day = Rs. 2 per minute Waiting Charges during Night (after 10 pm before 5 am) = Rs. 5 per minute
  • What if I want to cancel the ride?
    A passenger has an option to cancel the ride within 2 minutes of the booking after which a cancellation charge of Rs. 50 shall be applicable. Please refer to cancellation policy for more details.
  • What if my driver cancels the ride?
    Great news! There is no option for the driver to cancel a ride. The only time when you will not be able to book a cab is when it is unavailable.
  • What if I do not like my cab, or driver or have any other concerns?
    In the app there is an option to mention your feedback once the ride has started, and also when the ride ends. We shall ensure each feedback is taken care of and action taken wherever necessary.
  • How do I raise a complaint?
    Email us at
  • How do I find my belongings I left during my trip ?
    Please write us an email and share your trip details with the description of what you left. We will check with our drivers if they found anything similar to your description. Since our cabs are equipped with dashcams, we will try to find and return your belongings.
  • How can I join B&B as a driver partner?
    Refer to the driving partners section on the website, else just fill the contact us form and our team will get in touch with you.
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